Help in worrying times:

“Learning that our Akita Mishka had diabetes was initially overwhelming. The prospect of controlling and measuring glucose levels was new and intimidating as we had little to no experience. With help from Chantry vets, and the installation of a Libre View, we were able to monitor Mishka’s glucose levels closely and at ease which, in turn, gave us peace of mind and the confidence to administer the correct amounts of insulin. A special thank you to Megan and Maria who have helped through what has been a worrying time for us. Our girl is now able to live a normal and happy life”.  Matthew Harper.

How Fear Free made vet visits easier:

“I’ve just completed a set of 5 fear free sessions with my German Shepherd Willow. She was very nervous when first visiting the vets but over the 5 sessions she became a lot calmer and the main goal of getting the vet to be able to administer the booster without Willow getting too stressed was achieved. I would definitely recommend the sessions”. Jane Read.