Pet Advice

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New Puppy Advice

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time. The checklist below provides useful information to ensure your puppy comes from a reputable source. Please read our Responsible Puppy Sourcing Owner Checklist here. The Kennel Club provide useful information on helping your puppy settle in during their first few weeks.

Contagious Canine Cough

Separation Anxiety

Separation-related anxiety (commonly referred to as “separation anxiety”) is a condition in which affected dogs may exhibit signs of distress when left alone, such as when their caregiver leaves the home for work or to run an errand.

Is your dog reactive to other dogs?

Walkies should be an enriching and fun time for our dogs, and enjoyable for owners too!

Building Confidence

Just like us, all dogs are individuals, so some are naturally more confident than others.

Body Language in Dogs

Dogs can be wonderfully expressive, using their whole bodies to show each other, and us, how they are feeling.

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