Passports take 21 days to arrange.

Your pet will require a microchip and vaccination against Rabies, then a passport can be issued by a vet qualified as an Official Vet for DEFRA. Your pet cannot re-enter the UK until 21 days have passed but keep your Rabies vaccination up to date every 3 years, and your passport is valid for life.

Please contact the surgery to get a tailor-made protection scheme for your pet’s holiday.

Before you come back in to the UK it is also required that you visit a vet for treatment and to get your passport signed. There are many vets around the ports in France which do this routinely, but for more information please head to the pet’s passports website.

Official Veterinarians

Birgit is an OV covering Castleford and Alverthorpe surgeries

Birgit Nordman