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A WEST Yorkshire veterinary practice is preparing for an upsurge in calls from worried owners whose pets are terrified of fireworks.

This time of year is particularly stressful for family pets with the trauma of fireworks causing misery for animals and their owners.

Now Chantry Vets in Wakefield is offering advice to mitigate the distress brought on by fireworks with their noisy bangs and flashes that start in the run up to Bonfire Night and can continue for weeks before resuming for New Year celebrations.

Lisa Flood is Clinical Director at Chantry Vets, which is based in Alverthorpe and has surgeries in Wakefield centre, Outwood, Ossett, Middleton, Normanton, Castleford, Pontefract, Hemsworth, Featherestone and Rothwell

She said: “Many dogs and cats suffer anxiety and stress at this time of the year. For some pets it is just terrifying. We can provide help by treating their anxiety.

“Fireworks can go on for weeks and weeks making it a miserable time for owners and pets. We see dozens of owners in our practices seeking products to calm their animals. Come to us and we will advise on the best course of action.”

The practice also advises that cats and dogs are kept safely indoors during fireworks season to prevent injury and stress, windows and doors should be kept shut to prevent them bolting through fear, while pets should wear collars and tags and microchips should be up to date in case they run away.

Chantry Vets offers a range of treatments to calm pets suffering from noise phobia and also issue advice on how to keep your cats and dogs stress-free.

Lisa said signs of anxiety to watch out for include excessive yawning, panting, drooling, shaking, pacing, whining or barking, soiling indoors, lack of appetite and being clingy.

Chantry has issued tips to owners to keep their pets safe and calm during the fireworks season. These include:

• Close curtains
• Leave on the radio or TV to muffle noise
• Never take pets to a firework display
• Distract them with toys and favourite games
• Make a den so they feel secure and safe
• Act as normally as possible around your pets
• Lock cat flaps to stop pets escaping when there are fireworks about
• Don’t leave your pet alone
• Don’t punish your pet for being scared