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WHILE Buster the Boxer charmed the nation jumping on a trampoline in a famous Christmas TV advert, copying his antics nearly led to tragedy for a family pet from Yorkshire.

Max, a boisterous 18-month-old Labrador, had to be rushed to the vets after his owner found him hanging from her children’s trampoline when he managed to get himself impaled on one of its springs.
One of the metal springs got twisted around a back leg, piercing his skin, and leaving Max yelping in agony.

He had to be released with bolt cutters and frantic owners, Kate Bossons and Antony Clare, drove him to Chantry Vets in Alverthorpe, near Wakefield, where vet Karthika Kanagasundaram removed the spring from his leg under anaesthetic.

Max’s ordeal happened in the back garden of his owners’ home in South Kirkby, near Pontefract, where he loves to play on a trampoline owned by the couple’s four sons, Ethan, 10, Ashton, eight, Zander, five, and four-year-old Oscar.

Kate said: “It was a lovely day and the children and Max were out playing in the garden. He loves to jump onto the trampoline and bounce around with them as he is like one of the children.

“Suddenly, I heard a piercing scream and Anthony ran out to discover Max suspended mid-air from the trampoline with the spring twisted and caught in his leg.

“My neighbour vaulted the fence to cut him free with bolt cutters otherwise I don’t know what we would have done. We then made a quick dash to the vets, with Max screaming in agony.

“Chantry Vets were brilliant as the staff came out to the car to help him onto a stretcher and he had the spring removed under anaesthetic.”

Chantry Vets is now warning owners not to let their dogs bounce on a trampoline like Buster the Boxer in the John Lewis 2016 Christmas advert.

Vet Karthika Kanagasundaram said: “Max was extremely lucky not to be seriously injured, so the best advice is not to allow dogs on a trampoline.

“Fortunately the spring didn’t go into a joint or a major artery, and it didn’t sever a tendon.
“He was shaking when he came in as it was a traumatic experience for him. We operated to get the spring out of his leg as it was hooked around the achilles tendon, but it only left a small puncture wound.”

Max has made a full recovery, but his owners have banned him from playing on the trampoline.
Kate added: “In hindsight, we should have checked the trampoline as the springs had come uncovered and this accident was preventable.

“The trampoline has been condemned, but Max won’t be allowed anywhere near the new one even though we might have a problem stopping him now he’s fully recovered and is full of energy again.”