Chantry Vets are pleased to be the first Practice in the North of England to offer Stem Cell Therapy as a cutting edge treatment for many conditions!

Stem Cell Therapy can be used as an alternative to the long term use of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories or can offer a reduction in the clinical signs of debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis.  Patients receive a full general anaesthetic for the procedure and are constantly monitored by trained and experienced staff.  The Stem Cells are then extracted from the patient's own body fat, using special enzymes. The extracted cells are then processed before later being injected into the affected joints.  This technique uses the body's own healing capabilities to repair damage within the joints.  It is possible to harvest enough cells for repeat treatments, which can be stored at an external laboratory, meaning only repeat injections need to be given.  Each treatment is expected to last 12-18 months and the effects are usually seen within 12 weeks of administration.

The first patient to undergo Chantry Vets Stem Cell Therapy was Olive, a 7 year old Black Labrador, owned by our Practice Manager Victoria Lee. Olive was obtained as a rescue in 2010, when she was found tied to a bus stop. She was in very poor condition, having been used as an ex breeding bitch and was 13kg overweight! Although Olive was put on a successful weight loss programme, she was left with severely arthritic stifles.  This had been managed with joint supplements and pain relief, however her exercise tolerance had become less and less. Olive was therefore a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy to help alleviate her clinical symptoms.




If you answer ‘YES’ to one of the questions below we invite you to contact us to learn how we can help your ‘best friend.’


Does your pet:

Experience the pain of arthritis? 

Suffer pain or disablement from long term injury?

Show signs of Hip Dysplasia?

Suffer from Ligament (e.g ACL) or tendon injures?

Experience ongoing orthopaedic surgery problems?

The In-house Adipose Stem Cell procedure offered by TUTA Laboratories has been used successfully on many Dogs, Cats and Horses for the treatment of osteoarthritis and bone and ligament injuries both in the UK and abroad.

The Adipose Stem Cell Procedure can be a very viable alternative to:

  • Drugs for long term pain management for arthritis 
  • Some orthopaedic procedures
  • Ligament and tendon damage in dogs and horses
  • Post orthopaedic surgery to promote faster healing and tissue regeneration

This procedure is non controversial as no embryonic cells are used, only cells obtained from your animal’s own fat tissue.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unique in that they can differentiate into many different types of tissue including muscle, nerve, cartilage, bone, fat, liver and more.

They occur naturally in the body and are naturally drawn to areas which are damaged once they have entered the body. They then quickly go to work to repair the damaged tissue in the problem area. Studies have shown that these stem cells help repair damaged cartilage and bone tissue, decrease inflammation (and pain), heal damaged cells, prevent further cell deterioration and promote active tissue regeneration.

Unlike the stem cell therapy that has been used in human medicine for many years -
this new technology uses only adult cells harvested from the pet's own body. This means no embryonic cells are involved so no ethical or moral values are at stake. In addition to this, the new technology allows us to be able to harvest more cells than any predecessing technologies and activating them through state of the art LED Light Technology.

It's a completely natural process - just the body’s own stem cells healing itself with a little help from modern technology.

How Are Animals Treated With Stem Cells?

Firstly, the "dormant" cells are harvested by removing around 20 grams of fat from your pet's body, just behind the shoulder blade. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, taking only 20 minutes or so. Then your pet rests and recovers from the anaesthetic. Meanwhile we process the fatty tissue to harvest and activate the cells.

How effective is the Adipose Stem Cell Procedure?

The successful use of fat-derived stem cells as a natural therapy to promote regeneration of problem areas has been recorded in well over 6,000 procedures. This Australian Breakthrough Technology is now being used in over 10 countries globally and results have shown that over 90% of dogs undergoing the procedure show a vast improvement in their quality of life and a reduction in any pain levels present. 

Owners have reported:

  • Greater range of motion of affected joints
  • Less obvious signs of pain
  • Less difficulty rising and walking
  • Reduced need for ongoing anti - inflammatory medications
  • Happier, healthier and more energetic pets loving life

Is the Stem Cell Procedure suitable for my Pet?

The Adipose Stem Cell Procedure is suitable for but not limited to Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Cartilage Damage, Ligament Damage and damaged Tendons.

Stem cell therapy is not suitable for cancer patients or patients with active infections.

Do all Veterinary Clinics offer Stem Cell Therapy?

No. The Adipose Stem cell procedure is only available through specific accredited clinics and specialist centres.

Chantry Vets are the first Practice in the North of England to offer this ground breaking treatment.


Benefits of Adipose Stem Cell Procedure

· Improved Quality of Life

· Quicker Recovery Time

· Combats Old & New Injuries


Don't Let Your Pet Suffer Any Longer!



If you have any questions about whether Stem Cell Therapy may be appropriate for your pet, please contact our Alverthorpe Hospital.

To book your stem cell consultation please call us on 01924 362464 or CLICK HERE to BOOK an Appointment.



"Olive underwent the Chantry Vets Stem Cell Therapy in May 2013, although an improvement was not apparent initially and attempts to reduce her pain relief were unsuccessful, several months later her exercise tolerance was greatly improved.  Building her exercise back up was a slow process, however the first time she managed a full lap of Pugneys lake with swimming, jumping and generally behaving like a puppy again, was absolutely priceless!  We couldn't have improved her quality of life any more with medications, so the Chantry Vets Stem Cell Therapy really was a great addition to her treatment plan.  We have harvested enough cells to last Olive for the rest of her lifetime, so she will just need to have the injections every year or so.  I would recommend any owners who have pets like Olive (where their body can't keep up with their puppy brain!) to consider Stem Cell Therapy as a treatment option". Victoria Lee


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