Our Motto "A Passion for Pets and their People" truly represents our philosophy. Being a family run business, as opposed to most other practices nowadays that are run by big franchises and multiple partnerships, we put great emphasis on personal service. From receptionists and nurses to vets and administration staff, we all pay a special attention to individual needs and requirements, there is always somebody to listen and help.

We encourage our clients to make appointments with the vet of their choice. We strongly support continuity of care, particularly with pets suffering from chronic health problems or recurrent conditions.

Consultations are available by appointment. This helps to keep waiting times down to a minimum and so reduces stress to our patients and provides greater convenience for our clients. Nevertheless we are always ready to see emergencies at any time during the practice working hours. 


Our Veterinary Hospital in Alverthorpe and Middleton and Pontefract Surgeries are open 7 days a week (except Bank Holidays) with no weekend appointment surcharges: 


The practice is fully computerised with all surgeries networked. This enables us to access full clinical records of every patient at all surgeries when required.

We use our dedicated Ambulance for transporting patients between surgeries.

Our Hospital in Alverthorpe operates 24/7 - offering 24 hour nurse on-site patient care and emergency cover Monday-Friday 8pm-12am midnight. This is with the exception of Bank holidays when we transport any in-patients to our out of hours hospital in Morley in our dedicated ambulance. At all other times our nurses remain on the premises throughout the night as necessary. A vet on duty is available to return to surgery to treat in-patients during the night as required. This ensures that our patients receive continuous monitoring and care without the additional stress of being transported to different facilities for overnight care.

To enable us to provide continuous 24/7 coverage throughout the year, we use a dedicated Emergency service in Morley for our Out Of Hours emergencies (please click the sub-tab Emergency Care).

Here at Chantry Vets in Wakefield and Alverthorpe we have separate wards for dogs, cats and rabbits. Kennels are air conditioned to provide constant optimal conditions for our patients. We encourage our clients to visit their pets (patient’s condition permitting) and owners can phone to enquire about their pet’s condition at any time during practice working hours.

For clients who have their pets insured, we are more than happy to do direct claims. Clients must only pay their policy excess and provide a signed claim form with a copy of a current policy schedule. Our administration staff then takes care of the rest free of charge and the insurance company pays the practice direct.

Although we see a great number of patients every day, we endeavor to treat every pet as though it were our own. We pride ourselves in offering honest, professional advice and have detailed discussions with clients. This enables them to make an informed decision according to their personal and financial circumstances but always in the best interests of their pets. At the end of the day they are members of your family!

All our Veterinary Surgeries have been accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). The accreditation is awarded to a practice after undergoing rigorous inspections; they then certify that the practice has conformed to meet the very high standards required. Our new Hospital in Alverthorpe has been accredited the highest standard possible - Veterinary Hospital.

Chantry Vets provides an extensive range of professional SERVICES and EQUIPMENT, including :

Here at Chantry vets we diligently keep up with the latest developments in small animal medicine and surgery. We regularly update our equipment and our vets and nurses benefit from regular updates in the form of continuous professional development programmes, as per the recommendations of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. We strongly believe this is the only way to provide our patients with the best possible treatment and to assure our clients that their pets are treated in the way they expect!

"A Passion for Pets and their People"