Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI is a very powerful diagnostic imaging process & uses a magnetic field to produce high quality, diagnostic images in multiple planes. The MRI scanner can be used to investigate and diagnose a variety of clinical conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord, along with any orthopaedic disorders or internal organ dysfunction.
The Burgess MRI Scanner ( visits the Alverthorpe Veterinary Centre once a month & allows our veterinary team to perform a very detailed and thorough diagnostic imaging investigation for your pet.
Due to the accurate diagnostic nature of the scanner, MRI is currently one of the top investigative choices for diagnosing and localising lesions associated with neurological, joint and spinal disease. The scanner has multi-planar capabilities, allowing a variety of MRI sequences to be performed along with the potential for performing contrast studies. This uses a radio-opaque dye to accurately identify and highlight any lesions of disease or abnormalities, which further enhances our ability to identify, treat and manage the patient’s condition.
                                  These are computed tomographic and magnetic resonance images of the brain in the same dog.
                   The MR image (right) shows a lesion in the brain parenchyma (arrow),which is not evident on the CT image (left).
This MRI service enables Chantry Vets to diagnose and pinpoint any disease or abnormal pathology that may be impossible to diagnose using other diagnostic techniques. We are able to diagnose brain disease such as tumours, hydrocephalus, spinal cord abnormalities such as syringohydromyelia (Chiari-type Malformation – which is often seen in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) and intervertebral disc disease. The MRI also allows us to assess and evaluate tumours and even locate foreign objects within the body prior to invasive surgery.
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