We care about the impact our business has on the environment.  As such we have implemented a number of strategies to ensure that green issues are considered and addressed where possible.

Green Products

  • All veterinary surgeries use a large amount of Elizabethan collars to prevent our patients interfering with their wounds.  These are usually plastic and discarded after use.  At Chantry vets we are pleased to use GreencolTMCollars which are made from 80% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable.


  • All of our printer cartridges are recycled and refilled where possible.
  • Where possible we have recycling facilities at all of our surgeries for paper and plastics.
  • All office equipment including computer equipment, telephones, fax machines etc are recycled by Doogood Recycling when they are no longer useable.


  • As our surgeries are refurbished they are fitted with energy efficient LED lighting, thus reducing our energy consumption.
  • All our surgeries are fitted with additional loft insulation to also reduce energy consumption.
  • Where possible our surgeries all have cavity wall insulation, again to prevent wasted energy.


  • All practice vehicles that are purchased are small, economical vehicles that do not have excessive petrol consumption.

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